Mapumba Cilombo.

Mapumba Cilombo

Mapumba Cilombo

Mapumba is a multi-genre artist, singer-songwriter, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist who blends traditional melodies and languages from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with original compositions that deliver a rich, authentic African sound.

Mapumba’s versatile style takes his listeners on a journey from soulful and melodious vocals to high energy chanting and drum solos. His infectious energy and stage presence is accompanied by conscious lyrics that range from messages of peace, love and unity to xenophobia, gender violence and environmental sustainability.

Born Mapumba DML Cilombo in 1980 in Kolwezi (DRC), Mapumba has been based in South Africa since 2000 where he launched his career as a professional musician.

Initially singing in his native Chiluba language, as well as French and a form of Swahili unique to his region of the DRC, Tshilombo added English and Bemba languages to his vocal repertoire after spending time in Zambia.

His first musical influence was his mother, a vibrant woman who sang traditional folk tales that offered wisdom on various aspects of life and who inspired his passion for singing at the ripe age of eight. His love of music naturally progressed over time from piano, guitar and percussion to composing, songwriting and producing.

Mapumba is involved with a variety of musical projects and collaborations, all in the spirit of sharing the power of love created through music.